Air Contents

The UTC-0650 Air Entrainment Meter is used to determine the air content of fresh concrete. It consists of a flanged 7 liter capacity cylindrical vessel and cover assembly incorporating a large (90 mm dia.) pressure gauge, air pump and valves. It has a quick action clamping system. Direct pressure gauge reading to the nearest 0.1% up to 6% and 0.2% from 6 to 10%. It is not affected by changes in barometric pressure.


Product Description

Product Code

UTC-0650 Air Entrainment Meter
UTC-0652 Manometer for UTC-0650
UTC-0408 Tamping Rod Ø16×600 mm
UTS-0714 Straight Edge 300x30x3 mm


EN 12350–7; ASTM C231; AASHTO T152

The meter measures up to 22% of entrained air. It is appropriate for aggregates size of maximum 63 mm.

The Air Entrainment Meter is supplied complete with;

  • Straight Edge
  • Tamping Rod
  • Wash Bottle. 250cc   J-Type pipe and an inner extension pipe for calibration
  • Special Carrying Case
Capacity 7 litres
Air Content Range 0-10%
Graduations 0.1% up to 6&; 0.2% from 6 to %10
Dimensions 300x310x620 mm
Weight (approx.) 16 kg


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